Nepal Tourism Opens Up for Fully Vaccinated Tourists

Nepal Tourism has announced that it will now be open to tourists who have been fully vaccinated. The country, which is still recovering from the devastating earthquake in 2015, is looking for new ways to bring in revenue and rebuild. The minister has announced that all tourists will now be required to provide proof of vaccination against yellow fever, meningitis, and polio before they are allowed into the country.

The Nepalese government has agreed to abolish quarantine rules for fully vaccinated international travelers and has published new Covid-19 Travel Guidelines to embrace Nepal Tourism.

Covid-19 Travel Guidelines for Nepal

The new rules revitalize Nepal’s tourism industry, but they will also safeguard the safety of visitors from all around the world. Let’s take a look at the updated Covid-19 guidelines for tourism in Nepal:

  • Tourists must have their final dose of the covid-19 vaccination 14 days before their visit.
  • On-arrival visas aren’t available to those who have not been vaccinated or have only been partially vaccinated. They must get entrance permission from Nepali diplomatic missions & stay 10 days in quarantine at government-approved hotels.
  • Vaccination is not required for children aged 5 to 18.
  • International tourists leaving Nepal must present a negative Covid-19 report issued fewer than 48 hours prior to departure and by the norms of the destination country.
  • To visit Nepal, a traveler must present a Gene Expert, negative RT-PCR report, or real NAAT test, as per the revised visa criteria.
  • All tourists must take obligatory antigen or quick antigen testing at immigration entrance points.
  • If the antigen check at the airport returns negative and the local authority recommends it, those over 75, their caregivers, and children under the age of five are permitted to return home.
  • International travelers who are wholly vaccinated and traveling to a third country via Kathmandu’s airport after vacationing in Nepal must present a negative test record 48 hours before their departure.
  • While catching a flight to Nepal, passengers must provide a negative covid-19 test done 72 hours before departure. They must also complete an online form for overseas tourists to obtain an on-arrival visa at the port. The online form will be available at
  • Tourists who are unvaccinated or just partially vaccinated must pay for a 10-day obligatory quarantine. If they test negative on the 11th day, they are allowed to go.
  • The service of on-arrival visas has been reinstated for non-resident Nepalis and foreigners married to Nepali residents.
  • If their antigen test is negative, those in Nepal for grieving rites are allowed to travel.

Nepal Tourism Gets a New Lease on Life

After being closed for nearly a year due to the pandemic, Nepal is finally ready to welcome back tourists – but there’s a catch. Only those who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to enter the country. The Tourism Board of Nepal announced earlier this week, saying that they hope this will help encourage more people to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Nepal was one of the worst-hit countries during the pandemic, with over 19,000 deaths reported. However, thanks to a strict lockdown and other measures put in place by the government, they have significantly brought their numbers down.

They’re ready to open up their borders again and give their tourism industry a much-needed boost. Tourism is a vital part of Nepal’s economy, and the closure of borders has had a devastating impact on many businesses. With the new rules in place, only those who can prove that they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be allowed to enter the country.

This is a controversial decision, as many countries have not yet begun vaccinating their citizens. However, Nepal is hopeful that this will help encourage more people to get vaccinated to travel freely again.

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